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Smart Corporate Solutions FAQ's

Click on the most frequently asked questions about Smart Corporate Solutions below.

Customer Support for our Corporate Solutions portfolio is designed to offer a first class service which is endorsed by our existing customers and is provided as follows:

What is Smart Account Management? 

Your dedicated Account Manager is your single point of contact for order submission & tracking, access to technology experts, and advice on choosing the right solution for your needs.

What is the Smart Customer Portal?

This online service enables you to view the performance of your services and plan for upgrades should you be nearing service capacity.

What is Smart Fault Reporting & Technical Support?

Each customer is given direct access to our Network Operations Centre on a 24x7x365 basis for technical queries and fault reporting and management. Other Corporate Solutions customers rate the Operations Centre service very highly and value the rapid resolution of issues.

Smart Dedicated Corporate Customer Care Line?
For all other issues, Corporate Solutions customers can ring 1850 945 945.

For SALES please call us on

1850 945 549

For SUPPORT, please call

1890 945 300

or Email us at

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