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Smart I-Line

High quality internet connection specially designed for government, medium and large businesses.

  • Greater Speed
    • Direct access to multiple Tier 1 providers in Dublin, London and to INEX and LINX
    • 4ms within Ireland, 20ms to London and 80ms to New York
    • Data acceleration through local Akamai system
    • Symmetrical and non-contended
    • Unlimited data transfer
    • Supports multiple connectivity options:-
      • Fibre 1MB-1GB, Full SLA - Premium
      • Licenced Microwave, 1MB - 40MB, 1MB - 155MB, 1mb-620MB Full SLA - Standard
      • Ethernet First Mile, 2MB-10MB, Full SLA - Standard
      • Third party leased line 64K- 2MB - Full SLA - Standard
      • Smart Private DSL & Third party Private DSL - ADSL speeds - No SLA
  • Greater Responsiveness, Reliability, Value for Money and Flexibility provided by the Smart NGN.


If you would like to introduce Smart I-Line to your business, contact the Corporate Solutions Account Team on 1850 945 945.

For a further services overview on this product, please click here

For SALES please call us on

1850 945 549

For SUPPORT, please call

1890 945 300

or Email us at

No contention ratio means I don't have to share my connection with anyone else

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