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  • How often will I receive a bill?

  • What is the partial charge on my first bill?

  • I made a payment, but under payment due it shows no payments were made.

  • I am entitled to a telephone allowance but it's not showing on my bill.

  • How can I pay my bill?

  • How will I know that my Direct Debit has been set up?

  • I would like to see all my call details.

  • What is your disconnection policy?


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  • Customer Care Code of Practice for Complaint Handling

  • How to contact us with a complaint

  • What happens once we receive your complaint?

  • Resolution timeframes

  • Escalation process

For SALES please call us on

1850 945 549

For SUPPORT, please call

1890 945 300

or Email us at

The service is no less than fantastic ! My Email works without a glitch. I am getting the download speeds as promised.

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